Larry Fitzgerald restructures his contract with the Arizona Cardinals

Updated: February 10, 2014

Larry FitzgeraldLarry Fitzgerald restructures his contract with the Arizona Cardinals

After the end of the Super Bowl XLVIII, the NFL world is starting to focus on the next season and the moves, transactions and trades that are about to happen. One of the most significant stories that made the headlines and drew much interest around the league was the reformation of Larry Fitzgerald’s contract with the Arizona Cardinals. With this move, the Cardinals will now have more cap space and they will have the chance to chase more quality players through the free-agency and improve their firepower.

Some reports state that this restructure was made towards an effort for Arizona to seek for a trade for Fitzgerald. Nonetheless, this doesn’t seem probable at the moment. The 30-year old wide receiver will most probably spend some more time in Arizona. If he gets traded, the New England Patriots seem like a potential destination. Fitzgerald and Tom Brady could form a great duo and they could cooperate with sync. As of lately, there are some rumors which state that Fitzgerald is drawing much interest from the Pats. Up to now, New England didn’t have the salary cap space to acquire him.

The Arizona Cardinals are projected to have around $8 million in cap space to work with for the next season. The $120 million contract the team offered to Fitzgerald three years ago certainly restricted a big chunk of the team’s cap space. In fact, Fitzgerald then became the fifth highest-paid player in the league. That’s why this restructure of his contract seems to make sense.

If the New England Patriots finally agree on a deal with Fitzgerald, they will most probably form a package that will include Danny Amendola to send to Arizona. The Pats could also include some more players but also even draft picks. Of course, the Cardinals wouldn’t say no to some quality players in order to accept this deal. Nonetheless, the option of draft picks seems tempting, too.

At present, this scenario that wants Fitzgerald being shipped to New England might be far from reality. That’s because it’s based solely on rumors and reports. Nonetheless, it looks like it could work for both sides.

The Pats have a good but not great wide receiver in Julian Edelman, who, however, is a free-agent. The presence of a player like Fitzgerald would instantly increase the team’s firepower and it would also make the rest of the young group of wide receivers of the team perform better. Aaron Dobson, Austin Collie and Kenbrell Thompkins could all be benefited from Fitzgerald’s presence and his experience. On top of that, the Pats will finally be able to part ways with Danny Amendola without being penalized.

The New England Patriots will be chasing the Super Bowl next season and they might be willing to just pay the price to acquire the pieces to reach their target. On the other hand, the Arizona Cardinals would have to find a way to move forward without Fitzgerald. Maybe they end up playing better if they acquire a new receiver.

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