Wide Receivers and Their Fantasy Football Value Next Season

Updated: April 20, 2014

Fantasy Football ValueWide Receivers and Their Fantasy Football Value Next Season

I am 100 percent certain that many of you fantasy football value enthusiasts out there have already started making your plans for the 2014 season. Some of you have studied last season’s stats carefully, some others might have gone through the draft reports and some others might have already cooked up your watchlist. In this article I’ll talk about one of the most important positions in the NFL and for your fantasy team, the wide receiver one. I am sure that some fantasy owners might choose to wait till the draft day and maybe even trust rookies for your fantasy team at the position of the wide receiver. However, you can certainly find much fantasy football value through wide receivers. In fact, I believe that trusting rookies for your fantasy team during their first season in the league is not the best option, unless we are talking about the top draftees. That’s because you can’t be 100 percent certain about their outputs once they start player at an NFL level. As a matter of fact, several times we’ve seen rookies playing way below expectations during their first season in the league. This translates to fantasy value lost for your team. Let’s break down some of the wide receivers you can certainly trust for next season.

Josh Gordon is a great example of a draft steal. He got selected at the 35th spot of wide receiver draftees but he finished the 2013 season as the top overall receiver when it comes to fantasy football value. The 23-year old wide receiver recorded a great season with the Cleveland Browns and really surprised lots of fantasy owners with his production. I bet that very few of you saw him coming as a top-notch wideout last season.

Three more wide receivers offered great value to fantasy owners with a low dose of risk. Those players were Brian Hartline, Golden Tate and Cecil Shorts. All of them recorded a solid 2013 season and I am sure they made lots of fantasy owners smile, as some of you out there did not expect big contributions from them.

Of course, when talking about wide receivers and especially about valuable ones for fantasy owners, one player comes in mind and that’s no one else except for Calvin Johnson. Of course, Megatron was limited to 14 games in 2013 but those were enough for him to show his dominant skills and his potential to be the top wideout in 2014. Of course, we might not see Johnson emerging to the top next season, but he will most probably be within the top 5 players at his position. If you are a fantasy owner and decide to draft him, you will most probably not regret for your choice. Even if he doesn’t finish at the top, he will certainly not disappoint you.

A.J. Green is the next wideout we will examine. He was a top three wide receiver during the 2013 campaign and there is no doubt that fantasy owners found great value in him last season. However, there are some questions going forward regarding his ability to stay at the top of his game. In fact, some analysts state that he can’t be considered an elite wideout no more and that he rather be a mid – tier receiver instead. Be cautious if you decided to go with him, study his stats and try to figure out if he will be a nice fit for your team or if he will rather be an under achiever. The selection of A.J. Green includes a dose of risk for your fantasy team for sure.

If there is one player who can dethrone Calvin Johnson from the top of the list of wide receivers next season that is definitely Josh Gordon. There are several analysts around the NFL who believe that he can in fact be better than Megatron next season. Yes, you heard it right, there might be a wideout more productive than Calvin Johnson in the league and as a fantasy owner who respects himself and his fantasy team, you should be aware of his presence. Josh Gordon will definitely make lots of fantasy owners – those who will select him – smile and he can be characterized as the safest choice for the position. You can expect a great fantasy value out of him in 2014 and he should definitely be at the top of your wish list for the upcoming season.

The Denver Broncos return next season different that how they looked during the end of the 2013 campaign and one player who will most probably be benefited from the changes is Demaryius Thomas. Of course, the presence of Peyton Manning will continue to improve the overall performance of almost any player of the Broncos next season, Thomas included. The 26-year old Demaryius Thomas is projected to be dominant next season and he will most probably be one of the most valuable players at the position, so feel free to draft him and even put him at the top of the priorities list for the upcoming season.

The last player we will examine in this article is Dez Bryant. It comes as no surprise that Bryant is projected to be a top five player at the wide receiver spot. He is a tremendous athlete, a big body and he showcased his potential last season. Although he played for a low quality team like the Dallas Cowboys, he did produce big numbers and he somehow managed to stand out of the rest of his team with his production. As a fantasy owner, you should expect him to be even better next season. In fact, Dez Bryant could end up being one of the top three wideouts next season, together with Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas, as far as fantasy football value is concerned.

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