Top 5 Fantasy Football Players to Avoid in 2014

Updated: May 6, 2014

Fantasy FootballTop 5 Fantasy Football Players to Avoid in 2014

Every season, NFL fantasy football players take it upon themselves to do hours upon hours of research to scout their fantasy team. Despite this, many fantasy footballers fall into the hype of certain players, resulting in the downfall of their team. Don’t make the same mistake this season. Here’s our list of the top 5 players to avoid in 2014.

  1. Darren McFadden

Sometimes, when a player has a single good season, they can ride out the rest of their career on it. That’s what happened with Darren McFadden. Only once in his career has McFadden broken the 1000 yard mark, and he has gone downhill ever since. McFadden was always a second tier RB, but his one great season gained him praise. It was the same thing that happened two years ago with Stevan Ridley, but McFadden’s injuries have allowed fans to keep their hopes up. It’s time for this trend to stop. McFadden might be useful as an RB2, but even that is risky given his history of injuries. Aside from this, the Raiders are in shambles right now. The team is in one of the worst QB situations in the history of the franchise, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The team is in a rebuild, and they will need to draft very well to begin their quest for success. Having said that, there is a very high chance that the future starting RB for the Raiders will be drafted in the upcoming draft. If this is the case, you can expect the Raiders to reduce the playing time of McFadden to make room for the new generation of running backs to take lead.

  1. Eric Decker

Playing with Peyton Manning is a treat for any receiver. The future hall of fame quarterback boosts the numbers of every single receiver he plays with, even when they aren’t that good. Last season, Decker had great numbers, but if you watched any Broncos tapes, you would know he has some terrible games. Next season will be completely different for Decker. If playing for the Peyton Manning led Broncos is like staying at the Bellagio, playing for the Mike Vick led Jets is like staying at the Holiday Inn. An aging Mike Vick combined with the terrible coaching of Rex Ryan and the toxic New York Jets locker room seems like a terrible combination for any WR, and Eric Decker will face the consequences of this team. His production will drop severely and you can expect him to deserve nothing more than a flex spot on your fantasy roster.

  1. Eli Manning

Sure, Eli won two Super Bowls, but that is irrelevant. Statistically speaking, Eli is one of the worst regular season starting quarterbacks in the history of the modern NFL era, and no amount of rings will change that. Last time I checked, NFL fantasy points are based off of regular season performances, not two lucky rings. When examining Eli Manning, take the following into account. Last season, which included a healthy Victor Cruz at WR, Eli Manning threw 27 interceptions. That isn’t a typo. He threw 27 picks in 16 games and led the Giants to a miserable season. Don’t expect next season to be any better. The aging QB is nothing like his brother – don’t expect him to play until he’s 39. He’s 33 years old now, and will likely retire before the age of 36. His arm strength has dwindled, his accuracy is no longer existent, and he is nearing the end of his career. He isn’t worth the risk. You’d be better off taking Tony Romo in the 5th round.

  1. Johnny Manziel

Chances are that Johnny Football will play in 2014. This is terrible news for anyone who actually knows football. If you watched any Stanford tape, you would know that Manziel isn’t good; he is just lucky. Manziel is known for his pocket scrambling and his ability to run out of the pocket to recover dead plays. This will not work in the NFL. Manziel is athletic, but he lacks the brain and the skill to succeed in the league. Despite this, there is a ton of hype surrounding him, and many are considering drafting him in the first or second round. For the sake of your league, please don’t do this. In the NFL, scrambling out of the pocket doesn’t work, and if any QB attempted it as much as Manziel did in college, they would have a very short career. This leaves Manziel to rely on his accuracy and pocket presence to be successful, which is not encouraging to any fantasy owners. Let him go to free agency.

  1. Robert Griffin III

I do not understand why RGIII gets so much credit – he is a terrible QB and does not have any place being a starter in the NFL. RGIII is a QB who was stellar in college; however, he was never able to make the transition to the NFL. In fact, last season, Kirk Cousins played better than RGIII did! Now, this isn’t just his fault. Sure, his skill is subpar and he refuses to adapt, but his coaching has been atrocious. Mike Shannahan has repeatedly forced the injury prone QB into dangerous situations. With two confirmed concussions and an ACL surgery, the third year player now has the physicality of a 29 year old quarterback. That combined with his inability to play in the pocket makes him a terrible pick. The read option is on its way out of the NFL, and now, players like RGIII and Colin Kapernick are struggling to find themselves. Despite this, RGIII has refused to change his game. Even with his knee brace, he clearly forced himself into running situations and still dove head first into plays. The combination of his blatant recklessness, poor physical body, and terrible pocket presence make him a bottom 10 QB. Don’t waste your time.

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