2014 NFL Draft rookies that may have impact in your fantasy league

Updated: April 19, 2014

Rookies2014 NFL Draft rookies that may have impact in your fantasy league

After a thrilling 2013 NFL season and a Grand Guignol finale, the entire NFL world pointed its attention towards the NFL offseason and of course, the upcoming 2014 NFL draft. Although we’ve already heard which the biggest names of the 2014 rookie class will be and we almost certainly know which players will sit at the top positions during the draft night, there are some other players in the upcoming draft, who haven’t received that much attention but they can still have an impact in the league.

Of course, if you are a fantasy owner, I am sure you have already started to read the scouting and draft experts’ reports about the upcoming draft, trying to find the next sleeper. With the 2014 NFL draft less than a month away, it’s time we examined some of the youngsters who will enter the league and are expected to have an impact in your fantasy leauges. You won’t find the best of the best in this list below. However, what you can find is rookies who are projected to have a big impact in your fantasy teams or leagues, if you decide to not draft them, rookies that might have big value.

Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

Sammy Watkins from Clemson can be compared in a way with Julio Jones. Of course, Watkins’s size is a bit smaller than Jones’s but he has a comparable ability to perform big plays and score even when Sammy Watkins has the potential to be a superstar wide receiver in a few years after he joins the league. He will definitely be a great option for your fantasy team and if he is available when you get to form your fantasy team, you should go with him. Next season he could reach numbers close to 60 catches and 1,000 yards. Several teams are interested in acquiring his talents and of course, I am 100 percent sure that lots of fantasy owners have already spotted his potential and they are eagerly waiting to draft him.

Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State

Carlos Hyde is another significant rookie to watch if you are a fantasy owner. The running back youngster out of Ohio State is a big body and he has tremendous athletic skills. He has been reliable up to now in the position and he has proven that he has great potential to reach a great level once he enters the league. Some draft analysts believe that Hyde will be a top half running back in 2014 and this means you should keep him under your scope for your fantasy team. He will definitely be one of the best running backs of the 2014 rookie class and he could also be valuable in comparison to the rest of the players at the position.

Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

Mike Evans’s game could be compared with Alshon Jeffery’s. Both of them have lots of similarities although Evans is a bit more sized than Jeffery. Of course, Evans is still working on his game and he will need some time before he’s able to reach the level of Jeffery or any other of the NFL – level wide receiver. Nonetheless, he surely has the potential to reach the elites of the players at his position. His body will certainly be a plus. Keep an eye on him for your fantasy team. Although he includes a dose of risk he could greatly reward you and your fantasy team with his production next season.

Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State

Whilst some people around the league compare Kelivn Benjamin to Calvin Johnson, I’d say he mostly looks like Vincent Jackson as a player. He is a very strong and capable wide receiver and his very quick but not nearly as quick as Calvin Johnson. On the other hand, Benjamin has great hands and he could end up being a top wide receiver soon after he enters the league. He could quickly emerge as the top receiver for the team that selects him. Fantasy owners should be aware of him and I’d say that you shouldn’t hesitate drafting him. I believe he will be a valuable piece of your fantasy team.

Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State

Although wide receiver Brandin Cooks is a bit undersized for his position, his game makes up for the size he is lacking. In many cases he manages to win balls that no one could imagine he would. He is very quick and athletic and he has also shown that he could make the difference once he enters the league. Some of you might be afraid of drafting him in his rookie season but I’d say this, with every risk comes a great potential to get rewarded. He is a sleeper in the 2014 NFL draft class and you should at least keep an eye on him.

Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington

The last player we will examine is Bishop Sankey from Washington. He is one of the best all – around running backs of his draft class and he could have tremendously big fantasy value. He always gives his 110 percent when on the field and he should be expected to continue doing so once he enters the NFL. Bishop Sankey could be a difference maker for your fantasy team. Really, he could post very big numbers in several stats categories and he could take your team to the next level. I strongly believe that he will be one of the biggest surprises and also fantasy sleepers next season.

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