Jamaal Charles to have an awesome 2014 Fantasy Football season

Updated: March 1, 2014

Jamaal CharlesJamaal Charles to have an awesome 2014 Fantasy Football season

If you have played Fantasy Football you should know that one of the most important positions to address first in the draft is the running back position. It is true that over the years the need to draft at first your top running back has been decreasing. This is because the tendency to throw the ball more and more has been increasing. This turn of events has made many Fantasy Football players draft one of the elite quarterbacks in the market with their first round pick, like Peyton Manning,

Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or even Philip Rivers. Other owners rather draft a mobile quarterback like Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III or Colin Kapernick for what they offer in the passing game while being a threat at rushing the ball.

With the quarterback position covered many would think that the next position to take care of is the wide receiver because of this tendency to throw the ball more and more. And that, in theory, would be right. But in reality no quarterback relies in just one or two receivers. A good quarterback relies in many players to catch his passes. So if you are thinking to draft a wide receiver with your fist pick, you should think twice.

With all this said, who is the player that takes all the workload on his shoulder for the biggest chunk of the game? That’s right, the running back. Most teams rely in just one player to carry the ball and when they use the second running back, they do so in order to rest the starting one. And if the team we are talking about is one that prioritizes the ground attack you can count that the starting running back will touch the ball several times in a single game.

The perfect example of this situation is Adrian Peterson. The Minnesota Vikings have the best running back in the game, so is no surprise that AP always scores a lot of points every Fantasy Football season.

But there is one player who could be the Fantasy Football running back leader next season, a player who had an awesome season last year and one of the best of his career. Jamaal Charles was a constant threat to the rival defenses last year. He was the man that carried with the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense last season. He was one of the main reasons for the great season that the Chiefs had. Fortunately for Jamaal Charles and for all the Fantasy Football players that owned him last season, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to have an offense based on rushing the ball.

Early in his career he showed great skills and a lot of talent. In 2010 he had the best season of his career, when he ran for 1,467 yards. And although he only scored five touchdowns, everybody was having high expectations for him for the next season. He was a first round pick in every Football Fantasy Draft but everything twisted in the second week of that 2011 season. Many people had their doubts when he suffered that serious knee injury, which kept him out for the whole season. They believed he couldn’t be the explosive player that amazed the league once again. However, althgouh it took him a while to get back to his usual standards when playing and to recover his confidence, there was no sign of that awful injury after a while. He is one of the best running backs in the league right now.

He was big factor in the Chiefs’ course last season. The previous season was the worst in Kansas City history. They were the worst team of the league winning only 2 games and losing the rest, 14. They changed their head coach and their starting quarterback hoping to reverse the situation, and they did, but nobody thought that they would have that kind of season. And although Andy Reid, the new head coach, and Alex Smith, the new quarterback, were very important in order to achieve what they achieved, Jamaal Charles was the team’s star.

Let’s take a closer look to what he did last season. The 2013 season was a great one for him, as he got 1,980 from the line of scrimmage. Of that amazing total, 1,509 were by ground and he also scored 12 rushing touchdowns. Not only is he a constant threat by the ground, achieving great stats week after week, he can also catch the ball. Last season, he had 70 receptions for 693 yards and 7 receiving touchdowns, averaging 9.9 yards per reception. Those numbers, for a player that also carried the ball like he did, are just amazing.

What does all these means in Fantasy Football numbers? Well, let’s focus on week 15. Charles achieved one of the greatest performances in Fantasy Football history. He gained 215 yards from scrimmage and scored five touchdowns. Those amazing stats were good for 51 fantasy points. The funny part about that game is that he just earned 20 yards and one touchdown in eight carries while he had 195 receiving yards and four touchdowns in eight receptions. Yes, you got it right: he touched the ball just 16 times!

One year in the Andy Reid system could benefit the entire team, and Charles would become even more important. So, if you are going to play Fantasy Football next year, you should considerate on Jamaal Charles to being your first round pick. You will have not only a top 3 running back who could change a game with one lonely run, but you will be also drafting a player who can be dangerous catching the ball.

Next season should be an even better one for the Kansas City Chiefs and for Jamaal Charles. Maybe what we saw from him last season was just a portion of what he can really do. What he certainly has in mind is to keep improving and to be one of the top choices for the Fantasy Football owners, if not the number one.

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