Top 8 potential 2014 NFL Draft steals

Updated: April 18, 2014

NFL DraftTop 8 potential 2014 NFL Draft steals

With the 2014 NFL draft just around the corner, it will be very interesting to know the names of top eight draft steals for this year. The 2014 campaign promises to be another top season for the NFL, where fans may witness nail biting close finishes. The beauty about this upcoming season is that every team has a good blend of youth and experience, creating a good balance within teams.

Every team around the league is eagerly awaiting the event, through which they might just find some missing pieces and fill some holes. The NFL draft has always been a great platform for the young upcoming players to learn and showcase their skills to everyone. Let’s talk about the top eight draft steals for this year. These are few potential draft steals that should be expected to make a big impact in the league next season. Time will tell if they end up being characterised as steals or busts. However, based on the ability and skills of those players, it would be a surprise to see them not finishing this season well.

Aaron Colvin, DB

Having spent a reasonably successful season with Oklahoma last year, Aaron Colvin is expected to attract many of the teams which hold high picks. His numbers might not speak for his contribution to the team (one interception and one sack). However, his behind the camera contribution earned him a lot of success. He did sustain an injury while having a senior bowl. However, many experts still believe he can be a tremendous defensive back for any team. With perfect physique and skills Aaron Colvin perhaps needs a team and staff that can utilize his skills to a maximum level. He is definitely a sleeper for the upcoming draft and he might just surprise us all with his performance next season.

Ahmad Dixon, S

Before the draft even started, many people around the league considered Ahmad as a second round draft pick. This quiet bamboozled me, as thanks to his class and ability he can easily be a first round pick. Being one of the most persistent hitters, who looks to take on any challenge, he is set to impress the league with his outputs. His bowl game at the best wide outs can be critical to any team’s success. Many experts expect him to be similar to T.J. Ward, and if he even turns out to be just close to him, he will be a valuable piece of any team.

Zach Mettenberger, QB

The only thing that can keep this man out of the first round would be the torn ACL he suffered. He had a struggling debut season with LSU, throwing 2,609 yards, 7 interceptions with 58.8 % passing and 12 touch downs. However, the last season has been the turning point of his career as he became an attacking quarterback with 3,82 YDS, 8INT, 22TD, 64.9 CMP% and 171.4RAT. He is surely going to be a great asset for any team that drafts him.

Gabe Jackson, G

With a big stature and agile body, Jackson is so far one of the most popular players of the 2014 draft class. Several teams are interested in hiring his services and Jackson could turn out to be the star steal of this upcoming draft. If he ends up getting selected at the second or third round, it will be surprising because, he already had discussions with numerous GM’s.

Tajh Boyd, QB

Boyd was brilliant in his second season after having somewhat a forgettable season. In his second season he looked stronger, fitter and more athletic. He seemed to have worked on the technical side of his game. Boyd will be a gamble pick, because of his inconsistency. He could win you games only to somehow disappoint you on the very next day. However, he is surely going to be the attraction of this upcoming draft.

Storm Johnson

Storm Johnson is a fitting name for any running back. He has been a revelation and not only is he strong, but he is extremely skilful, too.  He was hired by UM at first, but he eventually found out that UCF is better suited to him. UCF was not successful with the experiment of having Kevin Smith as their running back. However, I have a strong feeling that Storm will not be failure at this position, and he has something special to contribute this year.

Allen Robinson, WR

Robinson is expected to make it to the first round and there is no doubt that he should be considered as a steal. Robinson, thanks to his athleticism and skills, is better than anyone to in his position. The ability to score every time he has the ball, makes him one dangerous player for any opponent. Many experts have compared him with the NFL receivers, but he still has a long way to go. However, he thinks that he has a game similar to Reggie Wayne because of his running and body type. He could be the most surprising rookie of this year.

Cody Hoffman, WR

Cody Hoffman has the potential to become the biggest draft steal of this year. The size and speed of Hoffman could not stop me labelling him as a beast. Hoffman is phenomenal with speed and skills with the ball. I am literally surprised at people considering him a last rounder. However, if teams can have a good look at him, there is no doubt that Hoffman is going to make huge leap.  Cody Hoffman has to be the biggest draft steal if a GM around the league manages see his skills and chooses to utilize his skills and game.

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