Tavon Austin can prove out to be a steal for the St.Louis Rams

Updated: July 1, 2013

Tavon AustinTavon Austin can prove out to be a steal for the St.Louis Rams

There is no doubt that the St.Louis Rams have lacked of a solid option at the wide receiver position, since 2007. That was the time Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt parted ways with the team. The Rams’ eight overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, Tavon Austin is projected to change the picture of the team, at least at this position. The team’s move to trade up with the Buffalo Bills in order to select Austin could prove out to be vital for them.

St.Louis’s performance at wide receiver has simply been off during the last eight years. No receiver has caught more than 100 passes since 2005. Their 14th seeded defense and 23rd offense in the league last season is surely disappointing. Danny Amendola was a reliable option, but couldn’t even get close to filling the gap Bruce and Holt generated. Although the Rams made some moves through free agency and the NFL Draft to empower the roster, the biggest addition is Tavon Austin. After all, he was considered as a one of the top prospects at his position for a good reason.

His 5’9” and 174lb body frame give him all the physical tools he needs as a wide receiver. He is as explosive as anybody in the team and he also proved his value and skills during his college years. With his great speed, he is projected to take the Rams’ offense to a whole new level.  His new teammates talked about him with the best words.

But Austin doesn’t have to rely on just speculation and compliments. He can leave his actual work on the field talk for him.

During his days with the West Virginia College, he showcased not only his speed and explosiveness, but also his high IQ for the game. He can easily slip past defenders, using his crafty moves to get free. He just seems to make the right choice, every time he faces a defender. Even if the play turns on the opponent’s favor, Austin’s ability to balance his options and pick the best one within a few seconds greatly increases his team’s chances for a better result.

But of course his most significant attributes might be his quickness and his speed. It should be no surprise if one sees Austin roll past a defender like he was standing still. Such plays can be difference-makers and can change the momentum instantly.

But the talented freshman is way more than just a good wide receiver. He can also be a superb returner and ball-carrier. That’s why as he recently stated, he was asked to learn three different wide receiver positions for the next season. The question now might be if the rest of the Rams team can adjust to his playing style and allow his star to shine.

In any case, Austin will surely be a rookie under the scope in the 2013 NFL season. Tavon Austin is one of the best prospects of his class and his contribution to the St.Louis Rams is projected to be huge.