Is Michael Vick the best quarterback in the 2014 free-agent class?

Updated: February 17, 2014

Michael VickIs Michael Vick the best quarterback in the 2014 free-agent class?

Quarterbacks are the most important pieces of any team around the league. They are the players from which the entire offensive flow starts and that’s why they are always on high demand. It’s rare to see quality quarterbacks hitting the free-agency, as they are usually re-signed or getting trade by their respective teams. This year, we see no difference in this trend, as there are no top-tier quarterbacks available in the free-agency. In fact, the best quarterback available will be Michael Vick.

Of course, Vick is a valuable quarterback, a starting-caliber one. He will certainly be a top target for several teams around the league who are in need of a starting quarterback, or even a very solid backup one.

Certainly, we have seen some quarterbacks playing better when they are given a chance to shine. Matt Flynn is a perfect example. He was drafted at the seventh round by the Green Bay Packers, who already had Aaron Rodgers as their starter. The Packers hit the lottery with Flynn and it’s notable that the team even drafted another quarterback in the second round, in Brian Brohm.

After getting signed by the Seattle Seahawks as a free-agent, Flynn lost the starting job to Russell Wilson, who was impressive his performances. Now, Flynn will hit the free-agency once again. There are some other solid quarterbacks available in the market. Josh McCown is a proven veteran. Nonetheless, he is 34 years old and he never really managed to play like an elite quarterback for his career.

Tarvaris Jackson and Josh Freeman are also two options for teams that are looking for a quarterback. Nevertheless, they all don’t have the quality a general manager would like his starting quarterback to have.

Enter Michael Vick.

Of course, Vick is not the impressive player he was during his first seasons in the NFL, when he led the league in rushing yards per attempt. In fact, Vick has been battling against injuries during the last few seasons and he even experienced lots of inconsistencies with his game. Nonetheless, last season with the Philadelphia Eagles, Vick had one of the best seasons of his career.

The 33-year old quarterback recorded great passing numbers, he threw more touchdowns and at the same time less interceptions than the previous seasons. In general, he handled the starting job exceptionally well and in fact, this season Vick recorded the best numbers of his career. Vick recorded 3.5 touchdown percentage but he also finished with a 3.1 percent interception rate, the third-best of his career.

He proved to the NFL world that he is a starting-caliber quarterback and he earned the title of the best quarterback available in the 2014 free-agent class. Of course, he still includes a big dose of risk, as he is inconsistent and hasn’t managed to stay healthy for long stretches of his career. Nonetheless, he is considered as the best options for teams around the league which need to quickly fill a whole in their quarterback spot.

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