Is Eli Manning Still An Elite Quarterback?

Updated: August 6, 2014

Eli ManningIs Eli Manning Still An Elite Quarterback?

Elisha Nelson “Eli” Manning led the league in terms of number of interceptions last 2013. This is the 3rd time (out of 9 seasons he played as New York Giants starting quarterback) he led the NFL with most number of interceptions.

His poor 2013 performance really took a big hit in terms of his reputation. Although he led the Giants to two Super Bowls, his bad performances will still haunt him down.

With two Super Bowls and three Pro Bowls, do you think we can call Eli Manning an elite quarterback at this kind of time? The answer can be a yes or no and it’s both correct at my point of view.

The 33 years old quarterback out of Mississippi is an elite quarterback if we will consider his great achievements during the 2007 to 2012 period. This is the year when he led the Giants to two Super Bowls. This is the year when his passer efficiency is close to 90 percent. Eli Manning’s skills, accuracy and efficiency are nonetheless on a higher level during those years. In fact, he considers himself a “Tom Brady” class of quarterback during a 2011 radio interview.

Now, if we look at his 2013 performance alone, we can definitely say he is not an elite quarterback at all. Worst, we can say that he doesn’t deserve that starting quarterback role for the Giants.    At the 2013 season, Manning connected on just 58% of passes thrown. This is very low for a starting quarterback who wants to be considered elite of this generation.

The 2014 season will be some sort of test for Eli Manning. It will be a test for his skills and talent whether he can consider himself an elite quarterback just like his brother Peyton Manning. The New York Giants is helping him out now to get the best out of this season. They already made some move that will surely benefit two-time Super Bowl MVP and his team. They invested a lot to stuff that will help Eli get back to his MVP form.

For Eli Manning to bring back his great performance at the football field, he must address few things. First, he must be consistent in terms of timing and crossing routes. His 2013 performance indicates that lots of interceptions are due to miscommunication and right timing. This is the thing he should work out and he must do it with the help of his targets.

Second, he must become smarter this season. An elite quarterback’s decision making must be on a high note for his team to win. If you will check some of the 2013 interceptions, most of them are unforced errors. Some are just mere result of poor decisions.

Third, his self trust and confidence must be on check. Bouncing back from a worst year ever is hard especially on football. Eli Manning must learn how to overcome it and set aside the past so he can focus on the future. His confidence at his throws and his trust to his receivers must be taken care of.

Eli Manning is nonetheless an elite quarterback. The 2013 poor performance won’t harm him in anyway if he can do better this season.

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