Chris Johnson doomed by his underperformance

Updated: December 12, 2013

Chris JohnsonChris Johnson doomed by his underperformance

Chris Johnson was the Tennessee Titans offense for more than five seasons, but many people think that things may change in a significant way for the Titans after 2013. According to the NFL Network’s IanRapoport, the Titans are expected to release Johnson and his contract prior to the 2014 campaign.

Michael Silver, a reporter of NFL Network first reported “Big changes coming for Tennessee Titans. Munchak coaching for his job. CJ2k expected to be cut after 2013”

Michael Silver echoed that statement by essentially guaranteed Johnson’s departure. He also tweeted “Titans’ Running back Chris Johnson “almost certainly gone after this season with his big salary and lack of production” on his Twitter account”.

Chris Johnson signed a four year, $53.5 million contract in September 2011. Following the 2013 season, he is still due $29million over the next three seasons.

After the free agent spending spree by the Titans during this past offseason, they are looking for some cap relief. But this is not the only factor they are discharging Johnson.

Chris Johnson isn’t the same player since topping 2,000 yards in his 2nd season under the Titans’ leadership. He didn’t come within 600 yards of 2,000 since then, and it is fair to say he is not worth for what he is getting paid.

Johnson is on pace for just over 1,000 yards this season, and he is averaging awful 3.8 yards per carry.

His lowest total prior came in 2011, when he had averaged 4 yards per carry. Although his 2013 season started fairly well, in his first three games, he didn’t register fewer then 70 yards rushing, it seems that head coach Mike Munchak and the board went away from that and are not happy with his performance.

The Tennessee Titans were build as a power running, turnover averse attack, and Coaches got away from that 3-1 start so now the ownership is not pleased.

In some game aspects, the Titans transitioned to a pass heavy attack due to Johnson’s struggles. He has lost his explosiveness and enthusiasm that made him a special player earlier in his career. At the age of 28, he many not have many productive seasons left, or at least that is what the Titans’ leadership believes.

The drama continued with the head coach of the Tennessee Titans Mike Munchak declaring that John Locker is in a tough position, and the owners are not pleased with him as well. Munchak said that he still believes in him, but that the team will consider “everything” to get out of this position.

Nobody knows how this story is going to end, whether John Locker and Chris Johnson improve so that they don’t get the boot or they will be legitimately kicked from the team’s roster remains to be seen in some other sequel of this story.